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-Clothing varies based on season, the route’s duration and the ground over which each route has been constructed.

During trekking activities, the clothes you wear should be really light especially during the summer months when

temperature usually reaches 30-35 ̊C. It is recommended that you wear light-colored clothes because in case of

accident, location becomes much easier. During spring and autumn, warmer clothes (windproof clothes-fleece) can

be used only when you stop and more rarely during trekking. In Antiparos, trekking is also possible during winter

but there is a high chance of wind and raining. If you go trekking during these time periods, you should always take a

raincoat in your sack!

-For the majority of Antiparos’ routes, simple trekking shoes with a flexible sole are suitable during summer and for

routes up to 2-3 hours. For those who need to feel more secure, ankle boots with a semi-flexible sole are the

most suitable during the whole year and for long trekking routes.


-Your equipment will be insufficient without taking with you your sun glasses, a brim hat or a hat covering your

neck, your sunscreen, a long trousers and a pair of trekking poles.


-Moreover, it is suggested that you should not walk alone and also that you should avoid walking at

midday during the summer months. You should always carry a first-aid-kit and a head flashlight with you.

Of course, never forget to take with you plenty of water and a charged mobile phone!

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