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-The main rules of behavior are focused on “Leave No Trace” way of thinking.

-Please, show respect towards any element both of the natural and man-made environment and of the local

communities as well.

-Your visit can take place in small groups of persons so as to avoid putting extra pressure on the flora and fauna of

the place you visit. You are advised to speak low so as to have the chance to enjoy the nature’s sounds.

-It is also recommended that you should leave no trash, even organic residues since although they can be

biodegradable, they do not belong to the food chain of each place you visit.

-You are also kindly requested not to cut the flowers or anything else that belongs to the nature.

-Our natural environment is already threatened by so many factors!  

-It is also suggested that you should respect your own physical, mental or technical abilities as well as your

own physical limits. The visitor takes full responsibility in case he/she is not be accompanied by an escort experienced

on trekking.

-Avoid walking alone but only in a group of three persons.

-Thus, in case of accident, one person will stay with the injured while the other will look for help.

-If you observe any damage regarding the path or signs, please write down the exact location and inform local

authorities through the relevant website.

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