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The routes included in ANTIPAROS ROUTES Network diversify from one another as far as the degree of difficulty is


1. EASY: They are routes that are easy to pass and characterized by adequate width and gradual incline.

These routes are ideal for persons of all ages regardless their physical condition and also for those who

are not experienced on trekking.  

2. MEDIUM: They are routes characterized by a medium degree of difficulty, suitable for those visitors being in medium

to good physical condition and also basic knowledge on trekking. Abrupt changes in routes incline are pretty rear

(ascent/descent) and a small part of the routes is characterized by narrow or rough ground.  

3. HARD: They are routes characterized by a high degree of difficulty, suitable only for experienced hikers being in

good or really good physical condition. The route is charted on a ground with abrupt incline changes (ascent/descent).

ANTIPAROS ROUTES Network provides the proper signs showing the degree of difficulty of each route:

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