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Ancient Bay

Route 6B: Kakia Skala - Agios Georgios


Theme: Natural heritage

Connection with other routes: Route 6, 6A


Short Description:

The Route develops on a dirt road with rough and rocky segments along the trail. Depending on the direction you choose to follow, this route will direct you towards or away from the settlement of Agios Georgios. This settlement began to develop since 1975 by a building cooperative offering a general residential plan and having a vision to create an exemplar "insular" settlement. Across the bay of Agios Georgios, the islands of “Tsimintiri” and “Despotiko” are of significant archaeological importance and they can be reached by boat.


Useful information:

This Route is part of a circular route combining Routes 6A and 7, while being part of a demanding trail in which Routes 3, 5, and 6 are combined.

This Route is suitable for mountain biking as well, and it presents an Intermediate level of difficulty.

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