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Route 3: Sifneikos Gialos - Livadi   

Agricaltural heritage

Theme: Cultural Heritage





Connection with other routes: Routes 1, 1A and 5

Short Description:

This Route follows the hill ridge where you can enjoy the panoramic view of Chorio and the two wetlands; Pano Psaralyki and Palia Alyki Lagoon. Farmhouses and crops, such as olive groves and vineyards, are standard features of this Route. These farmhouses are called “katoikies” by the local people and conform to vernacular insular architecture. They are made of stone and present characteristic complementary structures of farming lifestyle, such as oven and threshing floor. The island of Antiparos contributes to the rebuilding of viticulture in Cyclades through the preservation of indigenous winemaking vine varieties. During October and November, the production of “tsipouro” (the so-called “souma” by the local people) as well as the prominent “Kazanemata” are considered to be social events. It is important to raise and extend awareness of biodiversity protection towards the field of viticulture, as protection and enhancement of the rural agricultural heritage, constitute major factors of preserving both our natural and cultural heritage!

Useful information:

You can also cross this route by mountain bike; the route is categorized as Easy. If choosing to do so, it is suggested that you should return using the main road that connects Livadi to Chorio.

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