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Route 6A: Kakia Skala - Profitis Ilias

Theme: Natural heritage





Connection with other Routes: Route 6, 6B and Route 7

Short Description:

Profitis Ilias, the highest peak of the island, is just 300m above sea level and exhibits a view of 15 islands. It is therefore considered as the "watchtower" (vigla) of Antiparos. The homonymous chapel was built in 1937 by the inhabitants of the island. Ioannis Patelis’ contribution to this chapel’s construction was really important; he was working at the mines of the region at that time. Being persistent and patient while enjoying the company of his donkey, he contributed to the building of the chapel by carrying materials up to the top.

Useful information:

 This Route is part of a circular route combining Routes 6B and 7, while being part of a demanding trail in which Routes 3, 5, 6 and 7 are combined.

This Route is suitable for mountain biking as well, and it is considered as a trail of Intermediate level of difficulty. Bagging the peak where Profitis Ilias’s chapel lies, you meet the junction of Route 6 and 6B, and you can choose your preferred trail.

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